JDN Precision Engineering Limited

Unit 5, Washington Business Centre, 2 Turbine Business Park, Nissan Way, Washington, Tyne & Wear, SR5 3NZ
Tel: 07948622994   Email: [email protected]

Company Number: 09662956
VAT Registered
Company Profile
JDN’s key objectives are to offer high quality precision machined components, providing bespoke engineering solutions through in-house design and manufacturing. 
We provide specialist advice on the design and manufacture of prototypes as well as low and high volume production runs.
At JDN we offer our customers a complete service to meet the individual customer requirements, placing great pride on our work and the projects we undertake.  We aim to ensure that our Customer’s work and satisfaction meets their expectation and our high quality standards.  
Offering an open policy to customers who can approach us at any time for help and guidance, working directly with JDN’s highly skilled engineers to ensure the end product meets their individual requirements. 
JDN will pride themselves on their flexibility to meet customer needs with the accuracy, precision and reliability they require.
JDN offer our customers a solid, value-based product – backed with 100% quality commitment and effort by their employees and management.  We achieve this by ensuring that all our systems, procedures, policies and documentation are set and maintained to a high standard which also meets the needs of our Customers.  Our employees are fully trained within their disciplines and deliver to the high standards we expect, not only in the workplace but also with our customers and suppliers.  
JDN's Quality Systems have full traceability, ensuring that our high standards of quality are maintained throughout the Customer journey, with Quality Assurance guaranteed.